Pipe Structure Design (For Ships) (CreoProE)

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proe5.0 design of the ship pipeline structure design 3D model, packaged also 214M, a total of 4586 prt, asm files provided! Complex and detailed structure! Worth relevant personnel to learn from!
This download model is a complex piping system model created with proe, the model is assembled from a number of parts, the assembly effect is realistic, including parameters, we recommend that you use proe5.0 version or above to open, welcome to download. Brief description of the equipment is used to transport liquid, gas or loose solids pipeline and its supporting structure. The main materials are steel, cast iron, pre-stressed concrete, asbestos cement, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic (reinforced plastic), etc.

Specification: Pipe Structure Design (For Ships) (CreoProE)

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Pipe Structure Design (For Ships) (CreoProE)
Pipe Structure Design (For Ships) (CreoProE)
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