G445- 3% 160 Diaphragm Compressor (SolidWorks )

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G445- 3% 160 diaphragm compressor SolidWorks model to share The equipment is G445-3% 160 series, the company’s successful mass production, is an original equipment drawings, SW2012 design, including 226 parts drawings, 16 assembly drawings, 1 general assembly drawings, with complete parts features including parameters can be edited, only for learning reference use!
Diaphragm machine belongs to the volumetric compressor, which relies on the deformation of the diaphragm to change the volume of the gas chamber to achieve the compression of the gas. In the diaphragm machine diaphragm head of the cylinder cover and oil plate on the processing of a surface, and was sandwiched between the two diaphragms are composed of gas and oil cavity, gas cavity and installed in the cylinder cover valve hole in the suction and discharge valve, while the oil cavity is through the oil plate on the many guide holes and the cylinder body in the oil cavity, the bolts around the diaphragm head will cylinder cover, diaphragm, oil plate and cylinder body fastened together, so that the diaphragm head in the gas and oil cavity are sealed without leakage.

Specification: G445- 3% 160 Diaphragm Compressor (SolidWorks )

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G445- 3% 160 Diaphragm Compressor (SolidWorks )
G445- 3% 160 Diaphragm Compressor (SolidWorks )
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