Automatic Solder Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported

Published by: Norman Clausen

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Automatic soldering machine 3D model sharing
Completed functions.
Complete the soldering of 128 solder joints on the product (80 joints on the front side and 48 joints on the back side), and the switching of the front and back sides of the product is done by the
Machine automatically switch.
Feeding method: manual feeding
Discharge mode: manual discharging
Interaction mode: Touch screen human-machine interface. Adjustable parameters
Equipment basic configuration:

1, stepper motor drive belt axis (Japan SAMSR MOTOR)

2, servo motor drive screw module (Japan PANASONIC)

3, guide slider and other auxiliary accessories (Taiwan HIWIN)

4, pneumatic components and accessories (Taiwan ADATA AIRTAC)

5, axis control electric control and accessories (Taiwan Delta DELTA)

6. Soldering iron and temperature control (Germany Esa ERSA)

7, reducer (Taiwan CHENTA)
Equipment details:

1. double-headed automatic soldering machine comes with cleaning iron head mechanism, tin box and brush;

2. iron group spacing adjustment by servo motor equipped with automatic adjustment mechanism of the scale;

3. equipment belongs to the non-standard configuration by three servo screw module (X / Y / Z) and two stepper motor (U axis);

4. equipment operating system written by my company, can realize a key import coordinates (need to provide customers with Product welding point coordinates)

5. Product front and reverse flip by servo motor equipped with reducer to achieve automatic anyway.

6. Double-headed soldering machine for a single welding point welding efficiency is expected to be 1.5s


Specification: Automatic Solder Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported

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Automatic Solder Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported
Automatic Solder Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported
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