1.2m LED High Speed Bonder, SMT Bonder (SolidWorks )

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1.2M LED high speed bonder, SMT bonder 3D model SW2013 design source file is provided with parameters can be edited, welcome to download.
The equipment is designed for 1.2MLED fluorescent strip high-speed placement machine, the best speed up to 18000 points per hour, six nozzle design, servo screw drive, high precision, the frame is square tube welding, strong and solid, with teaching programming, visual positioning, high precision high-speed Z-axis, is the best choice for placement speed requirements.
SMD machine: also known as “mount machine”, “surface mount system” (Surface Mount System), in the production line, it is configured in the dispensing machine or screen printing machine after, is by moving the mount head to surface mount components accurately It is a kind of equipment to place the surface mount components accurately on the PCB pads by moving the mount head.
This non-standard automation equipment is very good, worth learning, welcome to download.

Specification: 1.2m LED High Speed Bonder, SMT Bonder (SolidWorks )

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1.2m LED High Speed Bonder, SMT Bonder (SolidWorks )
1.2m LED High Speed Bonder, SMT Bonder (SolidWorks )
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