Vacuum Packaging Machine (Bag Release, Pumping, Inflation, Heat Sealing) (SolidWorks )

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Vacuum packaging machine (bag release, pumping, inflation, heat sealing) SW design source files + engineering drawings are provided, although a small part of the missing parts, but does not affect the overall reference, the structure is still worth learning.
The vacuum packaging machine will contain items of plastic bags placed in the vacuum chamber. Bag mouth neatly placed on the heat seal (such as for inflatable packaging should be at least one nozzle into the bag mouth), press down the lid, the panel pumping (vacuum) indicator light. The vacuum pump starts to pump, the lid is automatically sucked, the vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum level according to the packaging requirements, when adjusting, depending on the scale from low to high, the range should be small, when the pumping reaches the set time (i.e. the required vacuum level), that is, the end of pumping, the pumping indicator goes out, the inflatable indicator lights up to show the start of inflation. The inflatable knob can adjust the length of time (i.e. how much inflatable volume), the same method as above. If you do not need to inflate. Turn the power switch to the vacuum position, the program automatically into the vacuum packaging, the inflatable indicator goes out, when the pumping or inflation is completed, the indicator goes out, the heat sealing indicator lights up, that is, to enter the sealing program, the panel is equipped with heat sealing time and temperature adjustment knob, to adapt to different thicknesses of materials, adjust the time and temperature, the rotation range should be small, to prevent the heat sealing temperature suddenly increased, burned heat sealing accessories, when the set When the heat-sealing time is reached, the heat-sealing indicator will be extinguished to see the end of heat-sealing, that is, the vacuum chamber enters the atmosphere through the solenoid valve, until the cover is automatically lifted and opened, the vacuum inflatable packaging process is all over, ready for the next packaging cycle.

Specification: Vacuum Packaging Machine (Bag Release, Pumping, Inflation, Heat Sealing) (SolidWorks )

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Vacuum Packaging Machine (Bag Release, Pumping, Inflation, Heat Sealing) (SolidWorks )
Vacuum Packaging Machine (Bag Release, Pumping, Inflation, Heat Sealing) (SolidWorks )
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