Pure Cam Structure Of Blowing Dust Machine (SolidWorks )

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Pure cam structure of the blowing dust machine This equipment is SW2011 design, a total of 22 assemblies, 111 parts drawings, (models with parameters, can be parametric editing.) The equipment is my one original equipment, the mechanism is mature and stable, high efficiency, using full cam shift load handling mobile products. Welcome to download for reference! Take the rectangular motion track to carry the product intermittently forward transport. The equipment is an electronic parts blowing dust removal equipment, conveyor belt connected to a process equipment, transport this equipment dust removal, cam automatic material, spindle drive structure has clutch design, when the conveyor belt sensor does not detect the material to the corresponding position, the clutch disconnected, waiting for the material to reach the position, this structure is stable and reliable. The machine is controlled by PLC, a common AC speed motor can complete the fully automatic production, low cost. It is very valuable for reference. This pure cam equipment seems to be simple in structure, but it is very difficult in mechanism.

Specification: Pure Cam Structure Of Blowing Dust Machine (SolidWorks )

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Pure Cam Structure Of Blowing Dust Machine (SolidWorks )
Pure Cam Structure Of Blowing Dust Machine (SolidWorks )
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