Gearbox Model Design (SolidWorks, UGNX), Catia, 3D Exported

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The gears of the gearbox have a ratio of 7:1 between the straight cylindrical gears and the gears of the transmission, and the transmission gears often work at high speed, high load, and under the condition that the speed and load are constantly changing. In addition to normal wear and tear, gears will also be caused by lubricant quality, poor lubrication conditions, improper driving operation, improper gear assembly and mutual gnawing position during maintenance, all of which will cause gear impact, poor gnawing of gear teeth and starting jitter, etc., which will accelerate gear wear and damage. Gears are dependent on their own structural dimensions and material strength to withstand external loads, which requires materials with high strength toughness and wear resistance; due to the complex shape of the gear, gear precision requirements, but also requires good material technology. Transmission gears commonly used materials for forged steel.

Specification: Gearbox Model Design (SolidWorks, UGNX), Catia, 3D Exported

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Gearbox Model Design (SolidWorks, UGNX), Catia, 3D Exported
Gearbox Model Design (SolidWorks, UGNX), Catia, 3D Exported
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