Flexible Welding Fixture For Pipeline SolidWorks

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Pipe flexible welding tooling 3D model sharing SW design, source files provided!
Flexible welding tooling for pipe structure, the tooling adopts a fully modular structure design, except for the basic frame, the rest of the components are quick release adjustable positioning method. Each positioning mechanism is left with a certain adjustment margin for adapting to the specifications of the pipeline positioning. And the fixture is multi-station synchronous form, a single tank has an independent welding sub-assembly jointing station. The other is an assembly welding station, i.e., two levels of welding processes can be completed simultaneously in one clamping. In addition, it can be quickly converted to other types of welding fixtures by replacing different substrate modules. It is a multi-purpose machine with a large span. The universal interface at both ends can be connected to a positioner to form an automatic welding workstation with a welding robot. It is a very practical flexible welding fixture. It has extremely high reference value. It contains more than 300 individual parts, among which 2 small parts are missing, and it will report an error when opening with solidworks2013, choose “suppress” to open normally.

Specification: Flexible Welding Fixture For Pipeline SolidWorks

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Flexible Welding Fixture For Pipeline SolidWorks
Flexible Welding Fixture For Pipeline SolidWorks
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